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Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy patients have fun! We love to treat every patient as if they were one of our family members, with compassion. Our knowledgeable staff provides individualized care to every patient.

We help patients of all ages, from young children to aging adults. We assist every patient to reach their own goals – which may be to rehab a sports injury, recover from a surgery, be able to return to work, play with their grandchildren or recover from a fall.

We have a variety of modalities to help our patients and we value the healing properties of hands-on care. All of our patients are treated by licensed physical therapists or licensed physical therapy assistants.

Speech Therapy

Our geriatric speech department can assist with problem solving, attention, sequencing, orientation, articulation, fluency, and oral motor weakness. Our pediatric speech department can assist children who have articulation disorders, language delays, autism, Down Syndrome, developmental disorders, apraxia of speech, and hearing impairment.

Occupational Therapy

Fabrizio’s Occupational Therapy department can help adults and children accomplish their daily activities. We focus on upper extremity disorders, carpel tunnel, tendonitis, and fractures of the elbow, wrist, hand and digits. Occupational Therapy also specializes in custom splinting to assist with many fractures, nerve compressions and positioning needs. Our Occupational Therapist has specialized training in job site analysis and worksite modifications as well as in home modifications to assist with daily activities. Call Fabrizio’s today to ask about a free screen 419-448-5533.